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Changing intervals (2.1 scheduler)

I have upgraded to the 2.1 scheduler after asking in this forum about decreasing the interval between repetitions. Now when I try to do exactly that I don’t understand the options or how to achieve my goal.

On most cards, four buttons (some have five) are displayed after answering it, fail, hard, good and easy (I don’t use Anki in English so this i my translation so it might be a little bit off but I guess you’ll understand).

I want hard to decrease the interval (e.g., if it was 10 days since the last time this card was displayed, it should go down to 9 days), good to make the interval remain the same (10 days → 10 days) and easy to make it increase (10 days → 13 days).

How do I achieve that? And if I change it in Anki Desktop, will Ankidroid inherit and resepct that setting?

set the hard bonus to 90%. For the other buttons you will need to rely on an add-on.

As long as you tweak the deck settings or main preferences would be synchronized. If you use any add-on then that will only work on desktop.

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