Changing from Basic to Standard (and reverse) for a whole deck

I am new to Anki and started to learn with a deck I haf found online. The settings for the whole deck is standard, which means that I can only learn from the forward-side of the card (question) to the backward-side (answer). The thing ist, that I want to learn in both directions, so that Anki shows me the answer and I have to guess what’s the question.
Does someone know, how I can change this in the Ankidroid-App for the whole deck? I have only found the opportunity to change it for each card…
Thank you in advance!

Not sure if you can or can not do that with Ankidroid, but for this kind of things, the desktop version is recommended.


Thanks for your answer! I have already tried it on the desktop version too, but that didn’t work either. With desktop version I mean the login on the website. Or do you mean I have to install anki on my notebook too?
Thank you!

The desktop app you can download from here:

Ankidroid / Ankiweb are great for reviewing, for everything else I recommend the desktop version.

Thank you!! It worked!