Change default keyboard for one deck

Hi ! I’m currently learning Japanese by using AnkiDroid and I created one deck for that where the recto shows a word in French and the verso the translation in Japanese hiragana/kanji.
My issue is that, when I open the deck to study, that shows me automatically my French (AZERTY) keyboard even if I change one time my keyboard to the Japanese one.

Is it possible to change the default keyboard to open automatically the Japanese one for a chosen deck ?

As far as I know, AnkiDroid doesn’t have that kind of feature to change keyboard per deck, and it would indeed need to be a feature of the app. There doesn’t seem to be any javascript or html tricks that you could use to change keyboard language in the card template either.

There’s at least some Android keyboard apps that let you control which language to change to per app (depends on your Android version too). If you only use AnkiDroid to study Japanese, you could search for and install a keyboard app that’ll let you automatically change to Japanese when you switch to AnkiDroid on your device.

Thank you ! I’ll look for that, I let my topic open if someone have any other solution, but if nobody has one, I’ll suggest the feature to the devs

I don’t have a solution but wanted to tell you Microsoft SwiftKey is better for quick switching. You need to do a swipe in the spacebar and the keyboard language changes. I hate switching languages in most keyboards but SwiftKey is good in this regard.

You can set the keyboard language of a specific notetype field.

  1. Go to the deck picker
  2. Tap the three dot menu
  3. Manage notetypes
  4. Tap your notetype
  5. Tap the field corresponding to the answer
  6. Select the keyboard language

It only works in keyboards that have the feature, like Gboard.


Worked perfectly thank you very much !