On screen keyboard

Does anyone know of a way to easily switch between English and other language keyboards? Or any way to incorporate an on screen keyboard? I’ve been using the Windows10 on screen keyboard when I want to type in another language but switching back and forth is cumbersome. I’ve seen some open-source keyboards that use javascript but it looks like Anki won’t support them.

I personaly switch between Japanese and Spanish keyboard layouts with Windows key + Space. Does that not work for you?

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Please see https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/editing?id=inputting-foreign-characters-and-accents

I wasn’t aware of that one - thanks.

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I use win + space, but I have 8 keyboards installed, and this can be a bit time consuming. So, I tried to use W10’s capability of defining a hotkey combination to select a specific keyboard directly. I tried Ctrl + <numeral> and Alt Gr + Shift + <numeral>. When I try to do this in the Anki note entry form, Anki first freezes and shows the hour glass. If I then try to close Anki, W10 invites me to wait for Anki to respond or force Anki to close. Waiting doesn’t result in Anki responding. I’m running 2.1.31 standard. The problem occurs with and without add-ons enabled.