Cards have been deleted

I made loads of cards yesterday on ankiweb. I pressed sleep on my laptop but anki was still open. When i opened my laptop the next day, all of the new cards were gone. I modified many of them and reorganised them too. All of these changes have gone too. I didn’t sync my cards after I finished them :frowning: I dont know what to do now, is there any way I can recover the cards, THERE WERE SO MANY!!!

You appear to have done a one-way sync to AnkiWeb a few days ago. If you’d added the cards to AnkiWeb prior to uploading, then I’m afraid you will have overwritten them without a way to recover them. Searching for added:2 in the browse screen reveals about 40 cards added in the last 2 days, so if those are the cards you’re referring to, they still appear to be there.

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