Cards from new card decks are not shown, just a white screen

When I want to study the decks I added today, I am only shown a white screen. I was scared, that I deleted the cards by accident. But I can read the cards when I click on edit. They are just not shown, when I want to learn them.
I tried exporting the decks, deleting them and import them back but it’s still the same problem.
I don’t know what to do, since I have a big exam next Tuesday and I really need to learn theses decks!
I would be very happy if someone has any suggestions or ideas.
Thank you!
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You might want to read this:

Unless you use filtered decks (, Anki will only show cards which are due for the day.

New cards will be selected according to the setting in the options group of the deck, so you probably need to change the new cards/day setting (

Thank you but that’s not the issue. I checked, the cards are due for today. And the programs says that there are 32 cards for me to learn. When I click on them it only shows the front side. When I want to see the back of the card with the answers. Then all I see is a blank screen. It looks like there is nothing written on the backside of the card at first. But when I click on the edit button, I can see the the whole answer.

Sounds like your card template is screwed up. Can you edit one of the cards by pressing “E”, and then click on “Cards…” to show the template? A screenshot would be helpful.

second picture is the backside of the template, it looks like its empty. Then I click on edit and I can see the card

Can you press on “Karten…” and show the template of the back template?

Fill the empty space for the “Vorlage für Rückseite” with:

<hr id="answer">

OOOOOH Thank you it worked!!! Thank you so so much!
What was the problem, did I do something wrong when I created the deck?

No problem. Would be cool if you marked the topic as solved :slight_smile:

Hm, I don’t think you did anything wrong when making the deck, but at some point, you have probably deleted the HTML template for the backside of the cards on accident. Or it came from a malfunctioning notetype (from an imported deck), which I almost doubt though.

Good luck with your exam!
On a side note: if you plan to continue studying with these cards after the exam, you might need to reformulate them to be more atomic. I can almost guarantee you that you will not be able to recall those definitions properly with intervals approaching > 1 year.

The 20 rules of formatting knowledge are a good guide ( I can’t give you any specific advice as I have no experience with learning definitions in psychology.


How do I mark it as solved?
Thank you so much again! I would have never expected an answer this good and this fast! <3