Card Time Discrepancy: Easy Interval and Mobile/Desktop Variations

Hello, I’m new to anki and was testing the settings before I started using it. There is a problem with card times. I don’t know if it’s normal.

When I press Easy, there is a different time from the Easy interval. When I press the same card, there is a different time on mobile and desktop. I tried to explain in the picture.

I had downloaded the FSRS4Anki Helper add on. I thought it might mess with the settings, so I deleted it, but it didn’t change.

Also, the order of the cards is shown differently on mobile and desktop. I’m wondering if I made a mistake somewhere while tampering with the program.

First of all, if you’re new to the program I wouldn’t recommend installing any add- on or messing with the settings, the core program and the standards settings most likely work for you, at least in the beginning.

Then after getting some experience with the program, you can start to experiment with deck settings and install some add-ons if you really feel that the core program lacks the features you really need.

Having said that, that discrepance is most likely due to the fuzz factor:

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Thanks for the answer. Actually, I want to learn all the features of the program and then start using the program. So I did quite a bit of research over the past few days. And I messed up with the algorithm. You are right. That’s why I gave up on using different settings in the part about the algorithm. The intervals in the picture are just for testing.

But, the add-ons I have installed are very useful for me. Before I start adding cards, I want to make the best of card features. So if there is no problem with add ons I would like to keep them.

It seems to be due by the fuzz factor, like you said. If this is normal, no problem. But I don’t know if it’s normal for the cards to come in different orders on mobile and desktop. This will be a problem if there are different orderings when I use siblings cards.

AnkiDroid hasn’t supported FSRS.

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