Card automatically scrolling to the bottom of the answer

Can someone tell me how I can alter the card so that when I reveal an answer, it shows me the questions and whatever fits in the screen? (first image)
It currently is set that when I answer the whole card appears bumping the question out of sight and I manual have to scroll up to see it (second image)


By default, Anki jumps to the horizontal line (hr website tag) with the “answer” ID (a website code that labels elements on a page).

Go to the backside card template, find the part that says “hr id=answer” (in triangle brackets) and change or remove the word “answer”.

You have exactly what I want to do but I really dont know how to actually get to changing the portion of the code (Fresh new user). Any chance you could be slightly more specific on how to get their and then have the code show? Thank you

Edit Card > Cards > delete “id=answer”:


Got it thank you very much for you help

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