Answer auto-scrolls in Anki when I open all fields

When I have cards that I want to reveal all fields that are usually hidden, it auto-scrolls all the way to the bottom, but I have fields at the top that I want to view, forcing me to scroll up. In older versions of Anki, I did not have this issue, but I recently updated to Version ⁨2.1.53. I already tried to edit the Cards field from < hr > to < hr id=answer > but it still does not fix the issue. Is there a fix to this issue?

@AnKingMed presumably this is some of the JS you have added to your card templates?

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Yes it is. This video goes over how to turn that off The AnKing Note Types and Add-on: The AnKing Note Types and Add-on - YouTube


Thank you! This video about the addon cleared it up!