Auto scroll down in Image Occlusion?

Hello guys, new here

I have a small problem that I’m trying to solve. I’m studying a lot of Image Occlusion cards that I made wich consists of a long vertical image followed by two fields. When reviewing, Anki doesn’t auto scroll down to these two fields and I have to do it manually but I use the scroll wheel as a review button so it’s annoying.

I tried setting the id of the last one to “answer”, or adding

at the end but it seems to scroll down then instantly scroll back up. Any idea ? Thank you in advance !

There’s some formatting problem in your post, so I’m not sure if you already tried this, but as far as I know, Anki should scroll to the line with the answer id, if you add this just before the answer in the back template:

<hr id=answer>

I don’t know if adding this id to a field works the same way.

Also, maybe check that no add-ons are interfering by starting Anki while pressing Shift.

I also tried this but I think there must be something in Image Occlusion that I can’t edit that focuses on the image (which would be logic for its purpose) and overrides the id=answer function of Anki.
Btw the formatting error was me typing this function haha

Thanks anyway !