Can't undo after leeching a card

As the title says, whenever I fail a card and it becomes marked as a leech or even if it was already a leech and I leech it again, while I’m viewing the next card I can’t hit undo to go back to the leeched card. If I review more cards after that, I can continue to undo up to the card immediately after the leeched card.

Does anyone have any solutions for this problem?

“leech” is just a tag, I think what’s happening is that the card also gets automatically suspended, and perhaps suspending a card is not an undoable action.

By the way, why are you trying to undo to get back to the suspended card? What is your workflow?

If you want to find the suspended/leech card, you can search for:
rated:1:1 is:suspended in the Browse window. That finds cards that were failed today and are suspended.

Undoing a leeched card works fine for me. Have you tried with add-ons disabled?

No, I turned off suspend upon leech when I started using Anki because it creates an opportunity to forget after finishing a long day of reviews and them remaining suspended. I undo whenever I see a card has leeched cuz it’s faster than going to browser to analyze what’s giving me trouble before making edits. Once I’m done I just hit “Again” again and let it re-leech.

I haven’t, I could try but every time I try to do something that requires restarting Anki, I find that the card on top of the queue shuffles around

Add-ons are sometimes a source of unexpected problems. You should definitely try turning them all off (Toggle Enabled) to see if that changes anything.

(Remember that you have to restart Anki whenever you enable or disable an add-on.)

If disabling all add-ons does fix the problem, then you can try re-enabling them one by one to try to pinpoint which one caused the problem.

Also, what version of Anki are you using? Is it fairly recent?

In general, you should try the Troubleshooting - Anki Manual checklist.

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