Can't Login or Sync on Any Platform

Please help me.

Problem: can’t login or sync.

I already pinpointed that the problem is with my network. I can access from my carrier, but not from my wifi. I can also say that it’s not a firewall thing: because I disabled most of the stuff related to it, and using my phone as router I can access it too.

I also determined that the problem is accessing “”, however, I can access (obviously) “”. So I don’t know if this is a domain thing, guess not.

I have many stuff there and cards and rolling stats, and I don’t want to lose it :frowning:

It all started when I installed two add-ons. Yes, I tried using shift+open Anki, and then deleted the add-ons. But still it doesn’t work.

I don’t know what else I could do. I restarted computer. Reset the router/modem…

Please help!!

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