Can't download from web

Hello, I’ve tried a few times (with restarting) to “download from anki web” following this error:

but to no avail. My entire deck is still missing, pls help!

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You want to download content that is verifiably on AnkiWeb, but after synchronisation (Download from AnkiWeb) the content is missing in your application?

Yes, when i go to the deck all cards are under “Your database seems to be in an inconsistent state…”

Then I check it, choose download from AnkiWeb (the cards are there), it presumably downloads them and the problem remains even after restarts.

After checking the database, you need to upload to send the fixes back to AnkiWeb.

sorry for misunderstanding, do you mean upload to ankiweb? Wouldn’t I loose those cards since they’re not on the app?

After downloading from AnkiWeb, use Check Database, and then sync again and upload.

this deleted all my cards!! :sob: pls help

There are 7000+ cards in your AnkiWeb collection. If you believe there’s been a problem, you’ll need to be more specific.

The specific deck im having a problem with. The synching doesn’t work, they only exist on ankiweb. I reverted to the backup (automated one) and tried again but to no avail.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying. If the deck you want is visible on AnkiWeb, then after choosing Dowload, it should be visible on your local device as well.

That’s the issue, it’s not appearing on my device, and the problem remains.

Which deck is visible on AnkiWeb but not visible on your computer?

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