Can't add underscore in tag

Running on version 92e13ae0d36b122e211aea9de0905c63d7cc19d5
When I’m trying to add underscore, I get :: instead. So I need to copy paste it to have tag with underscore.

I’m on ubuntu, with bépo keyboard (french dvorak). Which means in particular that in order to enter an underscore, I must press “AltGr” (also known and “right alt” on US keyboard I think), plus space. And so I assume the error is captured as space and replaced. Issue being that in this case, space key is not used to enter a key

I can reproduce this issue on version 2.1.51. I’m on a Linux too, and my keyboard layout is a home-made one, my underscore also being on a higher level of the space button (mine is Shift+Space).

Added to tag editor treats modifier+space as normal space · Issue #1901 · ankitects/anki · GitHub