Typing new tags issue and center Edit Tags pop-up

I use an addon (Quick tagging 2.1) that uses anki Add Tags pop-up window (Notes → Add Tags… in browser view) so I can add tags while reviewing quickly. But its kinda hard to quickly add because of the issue bellow:

  1. Typing new tags issues
  • When typing a new tag it shows a list with the matching existing tags, that is really nice, but if I want to add a new tag that is a substring of a existing tag, I cant hit Enter key, even if I add an Space, because it selects an existing tag from the list. I believe that if we hit Space button the list should be cleaned and hitting Enter would add the new tag, not picking an existing one.
  • Example: Existing tag “Banana”, if I write “nana” and hit Enter, it adds “Banana”, thats fine. But if I write “nana” and a Space, should add “nana” as a tag after hitting Enter. Currently I need to click with the mouse to “clear” the filter list then hit Enter or OK to add “nana”.
  1. Center Edit Tags pop-up
  • this is kust cosmetic, the pop-up is showing on the corner of the screen, it would be nice if it was on the center of the app.

Thanks and great work.

I’ve realized that you can search for multiple words when adding tags, so instead of clearing the list of tags when typing space, could add some shortcut like Shift+Enter to add the tag as it is, instead of selecting one from the list.

I think native Anki already allows to do that by clicking Enter or the Right arrow after typing your desired substring.

In the context of the Quick tagging 2.1 add-on, you should be able to accomplish the same by using the Esc key, e.g.:

  1. Type “nana”
  2. Click Space
  3. Click Esc

Enter does not work for me, it selects the existing tag.
Right arrow does nothing.
Esc really works, I just dont use often cause I have a 60% keyboard and the key combination is not really efficient to hit Esc every time, but is a little better than using the mouse, thank you.

Correct, the Enter and Right key do not work like that in the context of the Quick tagging 2.1 add-on.

With “native” Anki I meant the tag areas of the Add/Edit windows and the Browser, i.e. those that allow you to enter new tags without the use of add-ons.
If it still does not work, it might be a matter of Anki version (I am using 2.1.61 qt6 for Windows).

Does not work on native Anki too.
I am using Version ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073)⁩, I’ll update and give it a try.