Tag with spaces

The question is simple, but have not found in docs/support/forum:

¿Does Anki support tags with spaces? I mean, if I want to add 2 tags:

  • British English
  • Verb

As “British English” has two words separated by a space, then when I try typing in the tags box:

“British English” Verb

Then 3 tags are added instead of 2:

  • British
  • English
  • Verb

I already know the workaround using underscore “_”, but seem strange to me a tag cannot have spaces. Is there a way to tell Anki when a tag has spaces and do not split it into more than one tag?


Tags cannot contain spaces currently.

Bumping this thread because with 2.1.50+ tags aren’t delimited with spaces anymore (at least on the surface). I see one blocker that’s left (correct me if there are more):

On mobile, typing :: is cumbersome, so @hengiesel made Space the shortcut to insert a new node (::). While it is feasible to make Shift toggle the Space behavior on desktop, it isn’t an option for AnkiMobile/Ankidroid.

One alternative way to facilitate the creation of hierarchical tags for mobile clients would be to append a (+) button (or an icon that indicates a step down in the hierarchy) to the end of the tag, shown when a tag is focused (i.e. keyboard is active).


For backwards/cross-platform compatibility, I’d suggest a conversion to _ (or maybe some rare whitespace character) in the backend.

I can’t speak for other people, but at least for my own uses (primarily multiple single word tags without nesting), I found space inserting :: to be a minor regression, as pressing enter on my keyboard is slower.

I’d be inclined to hold off on any changes in this area for now. We have quite a few rough edges that need working through in the editor already, and 2.1.50+ hasn’t rolled out to enough users yet to give us enough feedback on what works/doesn’t work yet.