Error in tag renaming

Since I installed the 2.1.49 Anki update (I previously used 2.1.44), when I try to rename tags by right clicking on the sidebar I get the following error message: “You can’t rename a tag that has no notes”, but the tag does have notes.

This also happens if I try to remove tags with the right click: remove tags function. In my tags I use non-breaking spaces (unicode U+00A0), which don’t create a separation into different tags as normal spaces and I think it has something to do with this because the error does not occur in tags that don’t contain non-breaking spaces. However I have been using these tags for a long time without any issues so I would like to know if there is a solution that doesn’t imply taking way non-breaking spaces, in which case I would prefer to downgrade my anki version.
Thanks in advance

I had a quick look, but the cause of this was not obvious. You might want to consider using find&replace to replace the non-breaking spaces with hyphens or underscores instead, as it would be less confusing that way.