Can't add tag name that is within another tag name

I am unable to change a tag name from “segnale_di_divieto” to “divieto”. As shown in the animated .gif, when I try to add this tag it just does nothing (presumably because ‘divieto’ is within ‘segnale_di_divieto’)

But, I’m able to get around this problem by adding a temporary tag (“frank”), deleting the original tag, adding the tag I want, and then deleting the temporary tag.

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into this.

Hi, I have the same issue. What was the answer to this please?

My tag issue is:

The tag name is ‘arverb’ and I want the name in the tag list to be ‘ARverb’.

I can’t ‘rename’ the first tag name created from the tag list, so I created a new one with the renamed correction, so now I have both the old one and the new one, ‘arverb’ and ‘ARverb’ in my tag list.

When I try to reassign the card to the new correctly named tag, it automatically ticks both check boxes of the old and new tag names (presumably as it is only a capital that distinguishes them from eachother) and assigns the incorrectly named one (presumably as it was created first).

Being able to delete the old tag from the tag list would get around the problem, but I can’t see any tag functions to do this when viewing the tag list. Or, even if I could ‘merge’ two individual tag names into one so that the new one ‘overrides’ the old one would sort it.

I need to be able to either rename tags or delete existing ones from a tag list. Trying to do this in the card doesn’t work.

fyi I’m just a simple user, not a developer, so don’t understand any of the programme writing jargon.

Thank you!

The programmer (dae) is looking into a proper fix for this issue. Did you try the work-around demonstrated in my post?

I don’t see the same window in desktop that you see (I’m on Windows, not Apple, too). This is the window I see when I click ‘search’ to see the card list. I can’t see/don’t know how to, access the window/functions to delete a tag from the list… ?

There is a problem with ANKI that causes the program to not work correctly when the tag you want to replace has the same letters within it as the one you are using to replace. The workaround I demonstrate may look different in different systems, but the steps are:

  1. select all items of interest
  2. right click and add a temporary tag (“frank”)
  3. again select all items of interest
  4. right click and remove the tag(s) you don’t want
  5. again select all items of interest
  6. right click and add the tag you do want
  7. repeat steps 3 and 4 to remove the temporary tag

dae will probably eventually fix this, but until then this work around works.

When you say ‘right click’, you are talking about a desktop screen, yes? I don’t have the same view (and so, not the same available functions) that you refer to in yourvidclip (and echoed steps). This is what my view looks like when I select items and right click, so I cannot perform steps 4 onwards. If I create a new dummy name, and add/remove tags from the card, it leaves my ‘tag list’ with tag names I don’t want or use. I’d like to get rid of them from the tag list, not just the card.

@ange, you’re on Ankiweb. You will have to use the Anki desktop app for the functionality mentioned here.

On 2.1.35, I can’t reproduce the bug you described, @Tony, so I think it got fixed. Are you still experiencing it?

What @ange is describing is another matter. Tags aren’t case sensitive, i.e. “ARverb” is the same as “arverb” to Anki. Anki determines a preferred notation (e.g.“ARverb”) and converts to it all the other tags that only differ in case (e.g., when you add a tag “ARVERB”, Anki will convert it to “ARverb”).
If you want to change the notation of a tag you will have to:

  1. Select all the cards with the tag (it won’t work if you don’t remove the tag from every card in your collection).
  2. Add a temporary tag.
  3. Remove the old tag.
  4. Click “Clear unused Tags”.
  5. Add the tag in the new notation to the cards with the temporary tag.
  6. Remove the temporary tag.
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Does the AnkiApp for desktop sync with the AnkiApp on my phone? I think what you’re essentially saying is:

  1. AnkiApp on phone - tag bug won’t allow me to delete/rename tags. It syncs with AnkiWeb, but I get only a very limited view and so not all the available functions which would allow me to sort the tag issue which isn’t working on my phone and on the account which AnkiWeb/my phone are syncing to.

  2. AnkiApp for desktop - I need to download AnkiApp on my desktop and create a new account on AnkiApp for desktop. This means I cannot access what I have already created/built on my phone in the AnkiApp for mobile and will need to build the deck again.

  3. If I do that, and download AnkiApp for desktop, I believe this has to be done under a new account name (but I’ll be using my same email address). How is that going to sync with AnkiApp for mobile where all my current material is stored?

It’s going to be confused. I am of course assuming that AnkiApp for desktop syncs to AnkiApp for mobile, in the same (or similar) way as the AnkiWeb has done (albeit with limited view).

There must be an easier way to rectify removing unused tags from the mobile App, to avoid all this (and avoid me having to create/build everything again on the desktop App. No?

  1. Is it not possible to increase the view/function capabilities in AnkiWeb?

As it says on AnkiWeb:

AnkiWeb is a free companion to the computer version of Anki. AnkiWeb can be used to review online when you don’t have access to your home computer, and can be used to keep your cards synchronized across multiple machines.
AnkiWeb is intended to be used in conjunction with the computer version of Anki. While it is possible to create basic text-only cards and review them using only AnkiWeb, to download shared decks, take advantage of multimedia features and so on, you will need to use the free computer version as well. If you have not used Anki before, please start with the computer version.

And yes, you can sync across all devices and access your collection on AnkiWeb from the desktop version.

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I think this was fixed in 2.1.33. See the changelog and the relevant pull request.

@ange, I see you mention AnkiApp. so just to prevent confusion, make sure to download Anki from

AnkiApp is not an official part of Anki (it just has a misleading name).

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Yep, thank you. I’d googled ‘anki desktop app’ and inadvertently downloaded this, which is why I had to create a new account with the same email and then couldn’t access my deck (the wrong desktop app is an orange logo with arrows). Now noted. Thanks. (For ref: do not use:

I see that the anki I’ve been using on my phone and synced with ankiweb is a different company (the blue star logo). I have now uninstalled the orange one from my desktop and installed the blue one (For ref: is the one to use).

Returning to the original issue prior to this confusion… everything is now syncing, all sorted, thank you.


  1. Downloaded the blue star Desktop App.
  2. Opened Ankiweb on desktop too.
  3. Deleted/cleared unwanted tags/tags with issues.
  4. Synced (one direction - by way of upload and override) from desktop editing to Anki web.
  5. Synced Anki web to phone (again, one direction by way of upload and override from web to phone).
  6. The tag list on my phone has now updated and looks like it should.
  7. I will recreate the tags with the names I want and reassign.

Note to self: get it right the first time.

Thanks for your help, everyone.

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