Tags don't alphabetize correctly

When Anki sorts Tags in alphabetical order, it considers capital letters to be different from lower case letters. So, it lists all the Tags starting with capital letters (A-Z) first, and then lists all the Tags with the lower case letters (a-z) after that. Okay, so I thought no problem, I’ll just change the few tags I have that begin with a lower case letter to a capital letter. But Anki won’t let me do this.
I even tried this: I deleted all my Tags spelled ”directions” (I don’t have any Tags spelled “Directions” with a capital D). When I try to create a Tag “Directions,” it appears to work. But within a few seconds or so, Anki changes it back to “directions” (changes upper case “D” to lower case “d”). I even tried closing Anki after deleting all the Tags for “directions”; and then reopening. But whenever I try to enter a tag for “Directions”, Anki still changes “Directions” to “directions” (even though I don’t have any “directions” Tags anymore).
Any ideas how to fix this?

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Right-click the tag in browser, rename, it should replace D with d

In this case, you would need to run, clean unused tags to properly remove tags not being used like directions

Restarting anki wont remove unused tags

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“Clear unused tags” worked like a charm!
I had to delete every instance of those tags before using it, but there weren’t very many, so it was a piece of cake. Plus, I was able to create/add the new tags in the same window without restarting and even without closing the window. So it was easy to enter the replacement tags in the appropriate Notes immediately after I removed them.
Thank you for your help!

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