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Browser searching became very awkward (due to " ", AND)

Since the new updates (i don’t know exactly which, as i jumped from 2.1.35 to 2.1.43) anki browser searching worsened a lot IMO, from a practicle point of view.
I’m talking about adding " " around every word, and AND between every word. It’s so confusing and awkward to edit a search that it’s often better to write it again.
For example if i search for
a b c d e
now i get
"a" AND "b" AND "c" AND "d" AND "e"

so if i made an error and i want to search instead for a b c g e now i have to carefully select only the d, without deleting a " because otherwise i’ll give me an error.

And this is with really searches like a b c d e, let alone more complex one… i mean it should get easier to use anki with new updates, not harder right?
For example
deck:words ((a b c d e) or (a b d f g)) is:due
that is a bit more complex but still crispy clear became
"deck:words" AND (("a" AND "b" AND "c" AND "d" AND "e") OR ("a" AND "b" AND "d" AND "f" AND "g")) AND "is:due"

I mean, just by looking at it it’s impossible to understand what is written between all those AND and " " without carefully analyzing every single word

PS. also complex searches became slower too, i don’t know if it’s related.

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That is already under discussion here: Would it be possible to toggle-off the new browser tendency to add operators and quotes?

Regarding speed, tag searches became slower a while ago as a more expensive search algorithm had to be used to fix some issues. The way the search text is represented in the browser is irrelevant when it comes to performance.