Can't add menu entries that begin with "Config" on macOS

I’ve discovered that I can’t add menu entries (mw.form.menuTools.addAction) that begin with “Config” on macOS. Anki on Linux behaves as expected.


I’ve prepared a plugin that shows this issue: anki-config-menu-bug.

  1. Download and import the plugin.
  2. Restart Anki.

Inspect the “tools” submenu. You’ll see that entries that begin with “Config” are missing, despite the plugin attempting to configure them.


This issue was reported to me by a user of my plugin. I also managed to reproduce it.

It’s quite surprising to me that it doesn’t happen on Linux. Anyway, I intend to change the name of the menu entry for now but it seems to me that it’s worthing investigating further what’s happening.

It’s likely some logic in Qt, and thus not under our control.