Iphone Menu on Macbook

Hi guys, l am new to Macbook world and I have downloaded the latest version of Anki from the official website. But I see the menu for iPhone and I can not see the " file edit tools help " menus. And for this reason, I can not add any addons. l have searched a lot but I could not find anything about it. You can check the screenshot from the MacBook. Thanks in advance.

That’s odd, this is the python QT app from https://apps.ankiweb.net, right?


Heyy, now l saw it on the top of the screen after your screenshot. Thanks so much :slight_smile: I think it was because l was new to Macbook. l was just focusing on the App interface and l searched about it for 3-4 hours. :sweat_smile: Again thanks for your help :slight_smile: