Anki 2.1.50 Apple Silicon Add new cards window does not behave normally

I have just installed the latest version of Anki 2.1.50 on my MacBook Pro with M1 Pro. Of course I have installed the Apple Chip version. But now when I click on the “Add” button to create new cards the new window which is opening on my mac is not behaving as expected.

  • I can not close this windows with CMD+W
  • I can not use the menu bar as expected:

In the main window I have the normal menu bar:

But in the menu bar of the “Add” window almost all buttons are missing except the “Anki” button.

Those menu items will appear when the main screen is in focus, but not when the add window is in focus. I believe this is the intended behaviour? Most of the items there aren’t really relevant to the add screen (although perhaps undo should be there)

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I do not think that this is the intended behavior because like you have said there must be an undo button, a make window fullscreen button and like I said a button to close the add window (cmd + w).

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It was a deliberate change, as the shortcuts in the add screen conflict with ones from the browser menu. There are lots of screens in Anki that can’t be closed with Cmd+w, but Esc will generally work.

Well, all the main windows (Decks, Browse and Stats) have the normal macOS properties like Cmd+w, so i think it is quite unfortunate that almost every window has the normal shortcuts apart from the add window. Hopefully you can find a workaround or add a setting to change the shortcut conflict.

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