Cannot download Anki Desktop

Issue: Just now I was trying to download Anki 2.1.35 for Win 10 from “”. The download started with a unusually slow speed (<100KBps), and eventually stuck at 2.3/ 100MB.

Tried to download different versions but the same problem exists. My internet and download speed is normal (900 Mbps). Is this a problem on Anki server side? Anyone got the same problem with me?

Edit: After 2 hours, I tried again and have successfully downloaded without being stuck. However, the download speed is still unusually slow (70-90 KBps). It seems like the traffic was too busy. Hope this issue will get noticed and fixed in the future.

Downloads are hosted by GitHub; they were probably having troubles with their CDN.

I do have the same problem with 2.1.37 for windows. I tried twice yesterday and twice today.

Downloads started with ~30 kbs and then went down to ~300 bs.

These issues seem to be sporadic and isolated to particular regions. There’s a mirror link on the Anki download site that you can use instead of you hit this.

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