Bug report: Mac 10.13.1 Download of Anki 2.1.35 hangs

When I launched Anki 2.1.26 this morning, it told me that 2.1.35 was available, and offered to download it. When I accepted, Anki hung. It was using cpu time for something, but otherwise doing nothing. IIRC, the process was not hung in the opinion of the mac desk top, i.e. did not show as “not responding” in the force quit dialog. But it was doing nothing, and the “quit” menu item was greyed out.

When I relaunched Anki and chose “no” to the upgrade offer, it launched normally.

I suspect a bug in the download functionality, and 2.1.35-alternate might well work fine for me if I used my web browser to download it.

OTOH, the mac had been up for 30 days without a reboot, which is pushing things for MacOS stability. (FreeBSD is the only desktop OS I currently know of that happily manages multi-month up times without bit rot.) It’s possible this will work after a reboot.

Note: I don’t need help; “ignore this update” is a perfect workaround, or downloading via Safari. I just believe in reporting problems.

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Thanks for the report. There was a bug in some older versions where the update notice could get stuck if another progress window like syncing appeared - it should be fixed in recent updates already.