Can you have forever recurring anki cards as regular reminders?

Is there a way to have “forever repeating anki cards”. By that I mean cards (maybe in a special deck) that I want to come up e.g. once a month basically forever.

I’m planning to use this for “stuff that I regularly want to be reminded of/go through again and again forever”. Maybe some important life lesson where it is not just about “knowing it by heart” but also about “think about it regularly and be reminded of it to keep it fresh in consciousness”.

Ideally, each time I review this “repeating anki card” it gives me the option to review it again e.g. in one week, one month, 3 months, and 6 months (or some other custom time).
And no matter what I click it gives me the same review options again next time I review the card.

As a hack, I guess I can “reschedule card again in x days”, but this feels a bit clunky to do.

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There are probably a few hacks to achieve something in the fashion of this, but why not use an organiser or diary app?


Probably not exactly what you want, but I remembered this article about a similar application of Anki to remind yourself of important thoughts: Instilling Novel Thought Patterns and Making Your Long-Term Memory Accountable with Anki - Alexey Guzey
I actually liked the idea and made a “thought patterns” deck a couple of years ago, but I rarely review it nowadays.


Thanks. abdo’s idea works for forever 1-day intervals, but not for “review a card once a month forever”.
So I’m still looking for ideas :slight_smile:

You can set a maximum interval for a deck, so if you set it to a month they’ll come up every month or so.