Can there be "3 sides" to a card?

Most of my cards are basic-and-reversed. On card 1 the front has English and the back has Turkish. What I’ve realized is that I often don’t recognize words when they are spoken to me. Is it possible to have “3 sides” to the card? So on the first side/front of each card is a sound file of the word being spoken, then on the second/back side is written Turkish and the third side is the English equivalent. Is this possible, or is there something else you could recommend? Maybe I could change all the cards to basic and put the sound file on the front and the Turkish followed by English on the back. However, I saw that when I was in Browse and clicked on a random card and clicked the “Card” button, it said “Changes below will affect the 1080 notes that use this card type.” I will only be able to get sound files for 40-80 words a week, so I’m leery of committing to the idea of putting the sound on the front and the Turkish/English on the back when I won’t have sound files for all my cards for months.

I’m not sure how people use sound in their cards , so I don’t know what is best practices.


You can make a separate field for sounds and put a reference to it in your templates.

  1. Use the “Fields” button in the editor to add a new field (let’s call it “sound”)

  2. Click on the “Cards” button to go to the card templates screen and add the following to the front template (after switching to the second card type; the Turkish>English one):


You can move the reference of the Back field to the back template to have the English and Turkish words on the back side and the sound on the front side.

Edit: this causes Turkish>English cards not to be generated when there is no sound.
depending on what you exactly want, you can make a third card type with sounds on the front side.


Okay, great! Thank you!