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Can’t open anki 2.1.41 Windows 8.1

Hello. I updated from anki 2.1.35 to 2.1.41 on my windows 8.1 laptop. But it won’t open. :frowning: Does this version not work on my outdated device? Thanks :blush:

Try following the steps in this FAQs page: When Anki doesn't start on Windows (debugging steps) - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you so much for replying. This is what it showed. What does it mean?


The second screenshot indicates that Anki was already running. If it’s not responding, maybe killing the process from Task Manager or restarting your computer would help?
The other screenshots say something about the Special Fields add-on probably, but this is just warning and should not be the issue.
You can anyway try disabling add-ons temporarily as described in the FAQ and see what you get: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions