Can "Set Due Date" interact with intervals?

See images below. For example, if I have a card with Interval = 5.6 months, but I use Set Due Date to study it after only 3 months, I’d want the new Interval to be approx 3*2.5 = 7.5 months.

Using Set Due Date = 0, the new Interval = 1.16 years, not accounting for my early review.

Using Set Due Date = 0!, the new Interval = 3 days, since that resets the review interval.

So I just wanted to confirm:

  1. Is this the intended behavior?

  2. Is there any way to achieve the behavior I described?

Set Due Date = 0

Set Due Date = 0!

Set Due Date changes the expected due date of the card, so you don’t get any bonus/punishment for answering it later/early. It would be nice to support at one point, but the trick is doing it in a way that doesn’t break down when cards are repeatedly rescheduled.

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