Set due date on iOS

Is the set due date feature on iOS slightly different than it used to be?

I can’t find specific information about it in the manual.

Do I get it right: When I for example choose “30!” (with the exclamation mark behind) then:

  1. The card will get due in 30 days?
  2. The card will get a new interval of 30 days, no matter what the interval was before?
  3. The card ease is unchanged, no matter what it was before? Or is it reset to the defined starting ease?

I’m pleasantly surprised. In this way this seems to be a great and very helpful feature!

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the ! means that will reset the review interval
white the number (30) will reschedule your card in 30 days


The following actions operate on the currently selected cards. They are also available through a context menu when a selected row is rightclicked in Cards mode. In Notes mode, they can be found in a submenu of the context menu.

Set Due Date Move cards to the end of the new card queue, or reschedule them as a review card on a given date. The second option is useful if you have imported already-learnt material, and you want to start it off with higher initial intervals. For example, entering 60-90 will give all the imported cards an initial interval of 2 to 3 months. The card’s revision history is not cleared when rescheduling: rescheduling changes the current state of a card, but not its history. If you want to hide the history, you will need to export your notes as a text file, delete the notes, and then import the text file again, creating new notes.

@Turmfunk yes, that’s correct

Sometimes I’m not so sure, if everything works on iOS identical as on desktop. So then the card ease should remain unchanged in any case, which is fine for me.

‘Set due date’ should behave identically on both platforms