Can one express a mindmap/tree/bullet points etc structure with unmodified Basic/Cloze cards?

hi, for desktop and android:

i use mindmaps etc mindmanager, xmind etc.

i summarized my knowledge there,
would like to show that as answer in anki.

any hope?

i knew someone can show mindmap using custom template, but i worry there is compatibility.
so for original Basic/Cloze, any way to do so?

at worst, will be HTML collapse but hardly for human to enter.

new note type cloze reveal 1 by 1 is good.
new note type markdown is good.
but they cant compile together, also the markdown note type didn’t support collapsable markdown.

finally i found i can use HTML summary/details tag,
but somehow this didn’t work /w new note type cloze 1 by 1 neither.
(i dont know why)

but for this moment, i could only give up both the reveal 1 by 1 note type and the markdown note type,
switch back to the build-in cloze and use the HTML summary/details tag.

this is solution always have to paid.

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