Can I make hundred of cards in a row and only study them after some months?

I’m preparing for a big exam and I started using Anki this month. My plan was to first make all the flashcards and only, after 3 months, start studying them all together. Is there a problem with doing this or do I have to see the cards as I make them? Or can I make hundreds of cards and see them all in a few months? I’m a bit afraid that I might waste lots of time doing this cards and when I see them for the first time, it might not work because they are too many?
Another question: shouldn’t the ‘‘endocrine’’ deck have more cards? (25+21+28+9+41?). Why is there only 50?



In the settings of your decks, you can change the max numbers. :wink:



The parent deck’s total will be limited by the daily limits set for that deck.


:smiley: hank you so much!!:smiley:

thank you:)

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