Can I have multiple text answers

Is it possible to have multiple answers, example I want - to be optional in a note or case insensitivity? I found a reddit post from 7 years ago saying that it needs an add-on, but its been a long time so I thought I would ask. If it doesn’t exist what add-on would you recommend?

Could you give an example what you want to accomplish?

If I set the back to be “Answer”, I would like “answer” to not make A as incorrect.

here’s an image

Sorry, I don’t understand this.

Thank you for trying. Sorry, I am bad at explaining myself.

I haven’t tried either of these, but a scan of the addons page and Google came across a couple of things you can try. I saw an add-on which does not give case insensitive feedback but it does show markup according to multiple possible correct answers, so you could put Trigonal pyramidal, Trigonal Pyramidal, and whatever are the MOST LIKELY things you would type:

You can also try BassGaz’s suggested JavaScript on the card back template as per this reddit post (he ended up answering his own question):

Again, I have not tried either of those, so take this suggestion with a grain of salt.

Or just do what I do, just spell things in your head whenever you can :slight_smile:


Where can I read documentation about how JS interacts with Anki? I couldn’t find anything specific on google. Does it require the API addon? Thank you!!

See Styling & HTML - Anki Manual
Furthermore I think Anki inherits its JavaScript support from its being built on top of Webkit, no addon is required.
I think you just make sure it is inside script tags inside the back template.

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