Type answer: 2 requests

  1. The add-on “Multi-Line Type Answer Box” allows you to use [[typebox:]] without specifying a field. That allows you to type without any error checking. The typed input is still shown on the back.
    Could someone just explain how the error checking function could be turned off?
    Or an ideal solution would be to make {{type:}} do the same thing.
    Currently the templates allow entering {{type:}} but it does nothing. No input box is created.
    Reason: Sometimes the answer I want to type is a combination of two fields. Sometimes the answer field has more information than I want to type and I don’t want to see the error corrections for a long field.

  2. The new format for TTS is great. It allows multiple fields plus extra text all to be included in a single TTS audio.
    Would it be possible to create a [type: … ] format which does the same thing?

For point 1 I should be clear that I still want to see what I have typed on the Back.

Maybe something like this


.typeGood {background-color: #ccc;}
.typeBad {background-color: #ccc;}
.typeMissed {background-color: #ccc;}

#typeans br {display:none;}
#typeans #typearrow { display: none;}

#typeans br ~ .typeGood {display:none;}
#typeans br ~ .typeBad {display:none;}
#typeans br ~ .typeMissed {display:none;}

JavaScript (Back template):


    var typed_answer = document.querySelector("#typeans").innerHTML;
    var typed_answer_without_dashes = typed_answer.replace(/[-]/g, ""); 
    document.getElementById("typeans").innerHTML = typed_answer_without_dashes;


The purpose of the script is to remove the dashes automatically added by Anki when the positions of what you typed and what you were supposed to type do not match.
Unfortunately, it also removes manually typed dashes.


Thank you! No error correction! It works well.
I doubt that a lot of users will use this solution so let’s still hope for the {{type:}} solution.

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Agreed! I also think that would be an handy addition.

Added to move "type in your answer" comparison code into Javascript or Rust · Issue #1068 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Sorry to be redundant but I would like to add that from time to time I have seen requests to allow more than one type box, i.e. the ability to type multiple fields. My requested new [type: … ] format would answer that need.

That will need to wait until a future refactor of the review screen.

I had to create an add-on (1827331674) to solve some issues I faced with the type-in-the-answer cards, and it might be nice to have this functionality built into Anki. My add-on gives nicer diffs when there are multiple correct answers for a card, and it also improves diffs for Indic scripts by always grouping combining characters with their base character.

The former feature may be too specific to include in Anki, but I think the latter feature would greatly improve the experience of using Anki for scripts such as Tamil or Devanagari, as people generally think of these grapheme clusters as being full letters rather than thinking of the combining character as being a separate letter, so in my opinion it is unintuitive to show them separately in a diff.