Back Template → {{type:answer}} → I'd like to QUERY: has something been typed into the TypeBox, YES or NO?





Is there any way this is already possible … :wink:

Try something like this:

if(document.querySelector("#typeans").value) {
   // typebox contains something
} else {
  // ...

Thanks for replying; this doesn’t look too noob-friendly … :wink:

The problem I’m trying to solve:

{{type:answer}} <br>
{{answer}} <br>

If I don’t type the answer (90%+ of cases), it’s still displayed twice; not a real problem, but annoying …

If I remove the {{answer}} tag, then any additional emphasis (bold is this case) will be lost, which IS a real problem …

Just realized your question is about the back template. This won’t actually work then. Try this instead:


(() => {
    const typeans = document.querySelector("#typeans")
    if(!typeans.querySelector("#typearrow")) {


Just tried this; seems to work fine, thanks :smiley: :smiley:

In fact, this is so cool that it might as well work like this ‘out of the box’, IMHO … :wink: