MUST have multi-line answers

I REALLY need multi-line answers for a deck I want to put together. Running Win11, Anki Qt6, v2.1.61

Found the add-on, Multi-Line Typed Answer, but that does not seem to work in the version of Anki I have. (tried the “fix” mentioned in the comments but no-go there either.)

Is there another add-on lurking out there? Do I drop back several versions until the current add-on works? Do I switch to some other application and if so what?

Bill W

What do you want to achieve?

I’m hoping to use Anki to type in multi-line YAML files for different types of software, e.g.: Kubernetes. OR multi-line files like Dockerfile.

Bill W

I imagine that reviewing these flashcards could be exhausting, time-consuming and error-prone.

Do you know this classic? Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge - SuperMemo


Probably right. But I’m wanting to use Anki, with multi-line typed answers, as a sort of test simulator. For example, certification tests present you with a scenario and want you to type in either the full yaml file to solve the scenario or the single-line that you would type on the command-line.
My searching seemed to indicate that Anki might me a good fit for that.

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