Can a 2.1.54-win sync to the self-sync server of 2.1.60-win?

refering to heavily use IOE and may have a very large media.collection later,
i am stopping myself from syncing my media.collection to ankiweb server.

I tried to completely migrate to 2.1.60+self sync server but it is not working as in the bottom.

i am thinking:

  1. PC2 with 2.1.60 + self sync server; PC1 with 2.1.54, can PC1 sync to PC2? if I use 2.1.60 client together with 2.1.54 client, will there be problem?
    from anki’s manual, i dont see how the old clients could be configured to sync with the new self sync server. For windows, Set those 2 thing in win10’s command prompt? should i use admin or normal command prompt?:

Older desktop clients required you to define SYNC_ENDPOINT and SYNC_ENDPOINT_MEDIA. If using an older client, you’d put it as e.g. and respectively. AnkiDroid clients before 2.16 require separate configuration for the two endpoints.

1a, however PC2 i only use 2.1.60 as server? on PC2 i could install a portable 2.1.54, and together use PC1’s installed 2.1.54 as client?

  1. my other solution is keep everything on 2.1.54, and disable syncing media.collection to ankiweb server, and manually sync the media collection between devices using free file sync or else.


reason for me to stay on 2.1.54
2.1.54 is almost the only version that image occlusion enhanced_IOE TOGETHER with hjp-bilink works.

for 2.1.57+ IOE will freeze in the browser after edit existing cards. But self-sync server only available starting this anki version. Same in 2.1.58, 2.1.60.

hjp-bilink dont work on 23.10.1, in which there is build-in image occlusion.

my platforms:
win10, qt6 for desktop

ankidroid 2.16.5 f-droid version as this easier to put ankidroid on tf card.

really not sure the above “old client” paragraph from the anki manual.

however for previous non-official self-sync server, they need an addon to do so:

i am not sure will the previous non-official self sync server’s addon (installed on 2.1.54) work or not with the new official sync server (2.1.60). quite risky.

i better have everything back to 2.1.54, and rely on ankiweb server for the text collection, disable the media sync to ankiweb server, and sync the media collection between devices myself.


looks like 2.1.57+'s sync protocol is incompatible with those before.

dobefore commented on Jan 19


Due to the syncing protocol update ankitects/anki#2329 sync server is not available for Anki clients 2.1.57+ until the server catches up with new changes.

Here is the available offocial sync server bundled with Anki Sync Server - Anki Manual

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