Custom Anki Server iOS


Is it somehow possible to have a custom server setup in iOS? I’ve done it for my local installation and would be glad to have it on iOS, too.


AnkiMobile does not currently support custom servers, but there’s a reasonable chance this will change in the coming months.

I have also been looking for options to use AnkiMobile on IOS devices with a private server.

  • the last discussion I read about this indicated the dev team is not in a position to take on a new feature to allow alternate servers

This got me to wondering:

  • given that AnkiWeb supports all clients, is there a common API protocol or does AnkiWeb implement client-specific protocols (particularly for the AnkiMobile)?

Here’s where I am going with this question …

  • if AnkiWeb supports all clients using the same API protocol
  • if AnkiWeb and Ankiserver both support that same API protocol
  • then if it were possible to point the AnkiMobile client to Ankiserver, would they talk as expected?

What if I were to use Pi-hole to resolve AnkiWeb to the IP of my local Ankiserver …

  • this would only be done for clients on my LAN, no desire to sync across the internet
  • if the protocol is identical, then neither the AnkiMobile client nor the Ankiserver would know the difference
    … simply an Anki client talking to an Anki server

IDK if Ankiserver and AnkiWeb are functional equivalents (for syncing), but perhaps there is reason to hope they operate with common protocols.

It would be pretty simple to have Pi-Hole direct AnkiWeb DNS resolutions to the private Ankiserver IP. If the client-server ports and protocols were the same, perhaps the clients and server would simply start talking.

Could it be this easy?

  • no need to modify AnkiMobile and support a new feature (i.e. specify private server address)


With custom DNS and SSL certificates you may be able to accomplish this, but I do not recommend it, as the community sync servers tend to break each time Anki makes changes. Recent Anki versions include a built-in sync server, but it does not yet support media. Once media is also supported, AnkiMobile will likely gain an option to specify a custom server.


Thanks for the informative reply.


Hello, I’m a iOS Anki user from China, the sync server is very slow sometimes. I really look forward to a custum sync server and find this discusstions. Is there any plan for this? Sorry for poor English.

It’s still on the todo list

i desperately want to…