Button notification

There is one feature that I would like to suggest in version 2.1.50.

That’s just adding a notification window that shows which button was pressed.

Many people want to visually check that they pressed the button correctly, but they can’t see it unless they install an add-on.

When you click on the answer, I think the notification window that shows whether you have correctly chosen the answer you want is a feature that should be entered by default.

The reply button notification should work as a basic function, not an additional function.

I think it’s not too hard to add this feature, can you please add my suggestion?

I hope that those who agree with my opinion will also click the Like button.

Always looking forward to anki developing, I look forward to a positive reply.

Thank you always.


Can you please provide a few links to substantiate that statement.

Assume that you wanted to press "Easy. If instead, you accidentally pressed “Good”, what action would you take as a result of that error ?


It’s impossible to prove exactly because it’s an intuitive part.

However, most button-related add-ons support the feature and can prove that there are many users who use those add-ons.

If I had to press the difficulty button but I found out through the notification window that I accidentally pressed a good gap, I would correct it by going back to ctrl z.


So it should be quite easy to post one link for one of those addons :slight_smile:


You may want to take a look at the following additional features.

Thank you for always.