Bulk add attachements?

Is there a way to bulk create cards so that for every picture/video in a folder a card is created with that set as the front of the card?

Yes, reference the file names in a csv file or spreadsheet.

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Do you know of a program that would be able to grab all the file names, so I could then paste it onto a csv?

On Linux/Unix or Mac (Terminal) I would use the command

ls > List.txt 

This writes all the file names from your current directory into the file List.txt

I have however no idea how to accomplish this on Windows.

Depending on what you’re doing, you may also be able to use Media Import - AnkiWeb

This Sounds great but I’m using windows would anyone know how to do this??

Since you use Anki, you probably have python installed. The equivalent of @ferophila’s command in Python would be:

>>> import os
>>> _, dirs, files = next(os.walk(os.path.curdir))
>>> with open("list.txt", "w") as f:
...     f.writelines(f"{file}\n" for file in files)
...     f.writelines(f"{directory}\n" for directory in dirs)

(Note that I also represented the prompts you should get when typing python3 in a power shell)

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