Built in TTS field duplicate the text in Ankidroid

Hi, when I use this template:


{{tts fr_FR:French}}

… in the desktop version everything is OK. A typical card looks like this:

Good morning

Bonjour (AUDIO ICON > Working OK)

However, if I use the same deck / card in Ankidroid, the audio icon disappears (no problem with that, is espected behaviour) but the text gets duplicated:

Good morning

Bonjour Bonjour

Any idea?


Thanks, yes this is still unsopported in Ankidroid, AFIK. I don’t follow its development, but I think TTS support will eventually arrive.

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Let’s hope.
Could you find a higher quality French TTS compared to the ones available on Microsoft?
I found the Azure pretty good. But I am not certain how to load it into Anki.
Awesome TTS would be an option, but it’s not free.

I’ve never tried. Sure there are better voices out there, but to me Microsoft ones are good enough and I’ve never worried too much about that.