Bug while removing deck from anki

I have a bug. I’m trying to delete a deck from my anki desktop and when re-open the app, anki says:

“Notes found in file: ⁨118⁩
Notes added from file: ⁨118⁩”

and then the deck is added to anki.

I tried to create a new profile and new account, but the same issue persists.

I tried to delete every card from the deck, but still the same thing happens once I re-open the app.

That sounds like you are double-clicking on an .apkg file, which opens Anki and imports the file into it.

no I’m not doing it, I could upload a video showing what happens but I cannot include links :frowning:

The process was as follows: I uploaded a text file from notepad, then deleted it and uploaded another one based on the first one, just added more words and changed the word order.

How do you open Anki?

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I’m pretty sure you’re double-clicking on a file, instead of double-clicking on the application itself, which causes the file to be imported.