Bug when closing popups windows on secondary monitors

I have two monitors connecting to my pc when I click and browse and move the popup window to the area of the second screen.and close it then reopen it in the moment anki in “not responding” status and it’s stucks on white screen.
now I can’t use browse at all. I disabled all the addons and when I opened a new profile and click on browse it’s work well, but when I moved the popup to the second monitor close it and reopened it anki is stucking again.
it’s stuck when Anki trying to open the browse popup on the secondary monitor because Anki probably remember the last position of the popup before I closed it.

I’m maybe happen because my second monitor is 4k resolution when my main is 1080hp and probably there is a bug when trying open the browser or something similar to that.

Now I can’t use “browse” button at all, for my main profile it’s always trying to open it on the second monitor and getting stucks.

update: that happen the same on “Add” popup when I move it to the second monitor close it and clicking on “Add” again.

Hopefully this fixes it

if it doesn’t, could you share which system (windows/macos/linux) you are using and anki version qt5 or qt6 (Help → About/About me)

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Version ⁨2.1.56 (07fd88dd)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.0 PyQt 6.4.0

by the way I moved the anki window to the secondary monitor and when close it and reopen it, I could not open Anki (Anki itself not just a child window of anki) the same exact problem.
Because Anki is trying to open himself in the secondary monitor and then getting stuck “no responding” with any screen.

I solved that problem by disconnect the secondary monitor, open anki, and every popup of anki, close it, then connect the secondary monitor and open anki again, it’s now opening in the main monitors and it’s works well.

maybe the problem is in the Anki programing when you try to apply the last closed position of a window, because you probably you save the width position value when closing the window as width of both monitors (whole main monitor width + the position in the second monitor) but when the user trying to open Anki or child window of anki (like browse window or add card window) you take the value and trying to apply it for one monitor which is not working because the value is bigger then the monitor width or something like that.

by the way that is probably a common problem in softwares on Windows, for example Runescape game have the same problem when closing the game in the secondary monitor and then when I am trying to open the game again it open it in the secondary monitor and getting stuck, I solve the problem in that game by removing the client_position value in the regedit of that game and then it’s open the game in the main monitor and words well.

This is not a video card driver issue because the Notepad++ program works perfectly fine. When I close the program while it’s open in my secondary monitor and then reopen it, it still opens on the secondary monitor without any issue.
Please refer to my previous message above for more information.

Can you reproduce the issue with the qt5 version of Anki?

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