Bug: syncing dialog blocjks incorrect password dialog


I’m posting this bug report after being suggested to do so on a Reddit post (which this forum won’t let me link to for some reason).

I changed my password at ankiweb. Subsequently, when opening the desktop app (2.1.49, Ubuntu 20.04) and selecting my profile, two dialog boxes immediately pop up:

  1. Syncing… . Added/modified 0 0 Removed: 0 0
  2. Anki AnkiWeb ID or password was incorrect; please try again.

The problem is that I can’t click on the “OK” button on the 2nd dialog because it appears to be blocked by the 1st dialog. I also can’t close the 1st dialog - attempting to do so does nothing. I can’t even close Anki itself and am forced to kill the process.

I have been able to work around the problem by doing as the Reddit poster suggested; disconnecting my network connection and then logging out via the preferences before restarting everything.

I’m not seeing that here. Can you reproduce it using the latest Anki version?