[BUG]: Reset Progress messes up Review History after Changing Learning Steps

1. Add cards to deck (preferably 3 or more as this doesn’t happen with every card)
2. Review them normally (I pressed Again first, then Good on them)
3. Reset progress for the cards
4. Change learning steps (I was switching between 5s/10s in the second step)
5. Go through the cards again

Wrong steps!! Check the end of the thread

At least one of the cards has a messed up history now. Reset appears at top and all the reviews you do go beneath it.

Look at this picture. The second review from top actually happens after the one on top (after reset). This is evident because how can I press Good two times and not get the Graduating Interval.

You should be able to see timestamps on these if you use Desktop (or possibly if you rotate your screen to landscape – depending on device/OS). Do those appear out of order as well?

Have you run a Check Database? [Don’t do one yet if you haven’t – just in case. It might “fix” this and paper-over any real issue.]

Do you have card info for a when this organically happened, or only this mocked-up/repro card (for instance, since changing from 5s to 10s is unlikely to happen very often).

Sorry for not being able to reply. I cauldn’t find the card I sent on my original post but after checking another card the timestamps do appear out of order.

See this. The card where it originally happened also shows the same time i.e., 23:37.

No I haven’t.

It didn’t happen organically in the sense that I was messing up with my settings trying to reproduce a particular bug with timing that I thought I’d encountered.

I can’t think of any reason why that would happen. Are you able to reproduce the issue if you try to repeat the same steps?

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@dae Yes. The first picture I sent in my original post is actually something I reproduced later. I had already reproduced this a few times just to be sure before posting here.

I tried with 5 cards, and it didn’t happen for me.

I forgot to mention I did in AnkiDroid 2.18 alpha8 version. They told me to contact you.

Edit: I apologise. I forgot to mention another thing :pensive:
when this happened with my cards I had already pressed “reset progress” once before. It didn’t happen then. It was the second “reset progress” when the history got messed up. You can see this in the pic I posted above.

If you believe the issue is not AnkiDroid-specific, then please create a new profile in the computer version of Anki, add a few cards, and record the screen as you reproduce the problem, so we can see exactly what steps you are taking.

I do not have a PC on me. If you were not able to reproduce that might it be AnkiDroid specific then.

Hmm… I actually followed the same steps as before on droid multiple times and it didn’t work for me.

I exactly followed the steps here

(this is one of the cards that didn’t have a messed up review history)

I don’t know what you mean by “didn’t work for me”. I’m afraid if you can’t reproduce this with a computer, we will need to wait until someone else reports the same issue.

I tried once again on AnkiDroid but I couldn’t reproduce this even though I followed the same exact steps.

Yeah, in the meantime I will try to get a screengrab of what I was doing.

Note for others who may wish to reproduce this:

Follow what I did here. I created a deck named Test; added some three cards with only front. Deck Options had 2s 10s as learning steps which I changed midway (2s 5s).

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