Anki resetting due cards to new despite retaining review history due to sync

Not exactly sure how to recreate this issue, though it seems to be related to syncing.
Specifically, for some reason, some random cards appear to be reset to new, despite them retaining their learning history.

Example of card that was reset to new, despite being learnt.

This appears to be related to a syncing issue; I recently began using AnkiDroid (iOS specifically), and all appeared to be fine. Upon syncing to a second laptop client (with my ‘main’ client - most used - being my desktop), I found that there were new cards for decks that I hadn’t added any new cards. When I checked, I realised that some cards that I had already learnt had for some reason been reset to new.

These cards seem to be relatively recent, though I’m not exactly sure when. It doesn’t seem to be only cards learnt on one client, nor is it confined to one deck. It seems to be only occurring on decks where new cards are actually being added, and/or decks where FSRS are enabled, though I don’t have the means to narrow down any further.

It’s worth noting that I also do use quite a cocktail of addons, though I’ve never had any similar issues using any of them.

If this can’t be fixed soon, does anyone at least have knowledge of an addon that can bulk set due dates of cards based on their past review history?


P.S. Anki version 23.12.1 Qt 6.

Update 1: I did a little bit more digging, not sure how I didn’t immediately catch this, but it appears to be an FSRS issue. The card is missing the FSRS stats.

Update 2: It seems that the issue is related to the AutoReorder addon (757527607). Strangely enough, the cards are only being set to new on 1 device (laptop), almost everything being identical, with the laptop not having a few addons. For now, disabling AutoReorder on my laptop seems to have mitigated the issue, but it is quite odd that it was affecting decks that aren’t even the target of the reordering.

Please also make sure you sync at the start and end of each session, as otherwise if you review cards on mobile and something in the computer version marks those cards as modified, the card could end up being reverted to an earlier state.

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I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case, as I did sync (the phone, was fine), went to the other device (the laptop), synced again, and then this made some random cards (some from the day of the review, and even some cards from another device (a computer) multiple days ago, that had been synced multiple times to the phone and back), reset to new.

In any case, it seems to be a bug with an addon, since I could only replicate it with it on. Thanks for the advice; I’ll make sure to sync multiple times whenever I finish my cards :slight_smile:

To protect the rest of the community, would you like to say what add-on is causing this? Or have you reported that directly to the add-on dev?

The OP mentioned it in an edit:

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