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[BUG REPORT] The "user-interface size" doesn't work great on Wayland

Anki version is 2.1.48, it’s being run with ANKI_WAYLAND=1.

The menus don’t behave correctly, they get cut off. Here are some images with the user interface size set to 150%


This is handled by Qt, so it looks like a Qt bug.

There are sometimes problem with scaling like this, when it is impossible to revert scaling to previous value because everything is to big. Maybe indeed it is QT issue. But it would be great if you could implement into Anki " Set Font Size" add-on feature. I know your position on add-ons, and generally I agree with it, but this is such a basic functionality and users mostly use scaling option to have bigger fonts anyway. When fonts are increased with this add-on everything is scaled properly (I am also on QT, Plasma 5).

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Do the scaling issues exist in the Qt6 test build?

Gave it a quick try and it seems the scaling issues are gone on the qt6 build.

Thanks for testing; glad to hear they’ve resolved the issue.