[bug report] repeating audio with swiping glitch

When repeating audio by using the swiping gestures the action has a varying delay of roughly 0.5 up to 2 seconds, after which the screen will jump(glitch) into the swiped direction. The audio will also be delayed until after the delay.

Here are 2 Videos, one recorded without audio & one screen-captured with audio
The screencapture is basically the same as the recording. It’s just there to also show the audio delay.

recording video
Screencapture video (with audio)

(Side note: This same behaviour is actually rather satisfying with the swipe down to “Answer again” action, as there is no delay. just a smooth scrolling animation into “answer again”)

Are you using the built-in speaker, or bluetooth headphones?

I am using using bluetooth speakers.

However, the problem occours equally on Speakers and bluetooth.
3 hours ago during break it was a very small delay of 50ms lag, but during the reviews during work it was just as always, with rather high delay and the screen jumping up after the delay.

But even if there is a small delay, you can still see that moment when the screen freezes for a moment. just shorter.

I suspect the hang is in the iOS audio code. It may be possible to work around the issue by performing the operations on a background thread.