Pause audio - time out

Hi Damien,

on iOS there is a “pause audio” feature, but using it sometimes gets kind of a lottery.

Normally tapping once, it would pause, and after a short while tapping twice, it would be resume playing where I had stopped.

But there seems to be a really short time out and tapping after that won’t resume playing audio at all. It would do nothing.

So you have to start playing from the beginning, which is annoying with somewhat longer audios.

Is there a way to extend this timeout and make this feature more usable?


When you say short, do you mean a few seconds, a few minutes? Are you performing any actions between pausing and resuming, such as switching apps, editing, etc?

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I mean a few seconds. I couldn’t measured it yet exactly. Sometimes it resumes playing after a pause and sometimes not. In the meantime I don’t perform any actions in the app or on iOS - only mentally such like thinking about an entry or reading it out loud for myself etc.

So what I needed would be a timeout of - let’s say - 60 secs at a max to be safe?

There’s no timeout in AnkiMobile’s code, so this is possibly iOS at work. Could you share a 1 or 2 card apkg that demonstrates the problem, so I can try to reproduce it?

hi Damen,

sorry for the late answer, but always I come back here, I can’t upload files from the Mac to this forum. It shows me the exported apkg file as others, but all are grey and not selectable for upload here.

Now I put it on OneDrive. But it happens only sometimes. So it is difficult, to reproduce it on a regular basis. Otherwise it is reliable enough to not use it as a standard approach.

(Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.)

Thanks, I’ve grabbed the file and will try to reproduce the issue here.

I haven’t had any luck reproducing this issue I’m afraid. Are you using the latest iOS version? If you are using headphones, can you reproduce it when using the speaker instead? Are you using split screen or switching between apps?