Problems with "Pause Audio" on iOS

Hi Damien,

normally, I can use a tap with “Pause Audio” to pause audio playback, but also to resume it.

For this I have assigned a tap exactly in the middle of the screen.

But now I have cards with several audio entries on one card (sample sentences). If I pause the playback and scroll the card in that state I can’t resume the playback. The tap in the middle of the card practically loses its function.

Is it possible to fix this?


Do you have play icons shown on the card? Are they near where you are tapping? The area around them will be treated as a tap on the icon.

Hi Damien,

no, I have only small audio buttons on the left side, but they are not overlapping with the assigned tap in the center.

If you turn off audio buttons as an experiment, does the issue continue?